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Event Schedule

Remaining Events for 2010

(9/24-9/26) Midway Village's WWII Days, Rockford, IL -The largest event of the year


Events for 2011 (Red dates are tentative)

(2/18-2/21)Reenactor Fest-(direct link) A convention for the ages! Helps break up the cold winter break

(March) RETO tactical at Ft. Custer, Battle Creek, MI - easily the best tactical all year (and perhaps the only worth attending)

(4/29-5/1)Buckley Homestead's WWII Tribute, Lowell, IN - One of the largest events of the year!

()Lyons Farm's WWII Timeline, Yorkville, IL - A cozy and casual event where every theatre of the war has a turn.

(Mid June) St. Joseph MI D-Day - May be happening again this year! Awesome beach assault and our boys are right in the thick of it!

()Midway Village's WWII Days, Rockford, IL - the largest event of the year.