The British Army fielded a wide variety of gear across a number of theaters. our main focus as the 1st Bn Hampshire Regiment during its time in NW Europe means we primarily carry the weapons and equipment as seen by invasion and late war troops. 

No. 4 Mk I and Mk I* Rifles

The main rifle for the British Soldier in WWII would be the Lee Enfield Rifle. By D-Day almost all troops had been equipped with the wartime variant, the No. 4.  

Sten Submachine Gun  Mk II and Mk III

By D-Day, the lend-lease Thompson submachine guns had been almost totally replaced by the domestically produced sten. The Mk II being the most common, but the Mk III also began to make an appearance.  This weapon was carried by squad leaders, some assault troops and given to squads in higher numbers when combat called for clearing houses or fortifications. 

Bren Light Machine Gun

The Bren was the standard light machine gun in all infantry uses throughout WWII. All soldiers would be familiar with it, but 2 soldiers in each 10 man squad would be dedicated gunners, working as a team.