About Us

Who are we? Why do we do this?

We are a group of over a dozen men and women who are passionate about history and what the events of the past mean to our world today.  Ranging in age from 18 to mid 50s we represent a wide set of demographics who come together because of our interest.

We are always looking for new members who want to learn and share the fascinating history of WWII

Most of our membership is based in the Midwest with members in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. Many of our events are in the Chicagoland area but some are as far out as Eastern Ohio. (Check our Event Calendar to come out and see us!) 

Many of us have veterans in our family or have gotten to know them in our lives and want to make sure their sacrifices are understood by the public. Others come from a background of collecting and historical interest or real military service and are interested in its parallels in the past. 

No matter where we come from or why we got involved, we all share an interest in learning and presenting history. It is also a lot of fun!